Actual measures linked to the COVID-19

These measures are subject to change depending on the situation.

Adapted signage will be put in place on the course, at the Clubhouse and around the golf course.


> Wearing a face mask is mandatory in the Clubhouse (including ProShop and inside restaurant) and the Clob storage <

  • Reservations:

Prior booking of a Tee-time, for all (members and visitors), is mandatory to access to the course or the practice range to

avoid any interactions between groups of 50 people maximum, in respect of barrier gestures and social distancing rules.

Reservation can be made by phone 544-7888 or online, directly from our website. The names of all players must be mentioned

during the reservation. If the name does not appear on the list, the guest will not be allowed access to the facilities.

It is be asked to favor the payment of the game fees by credit / debit card at the time of booking or upon check-in for departure.

Online reservations can be made up to 3 days in advance.

  • Tee-offs:

It is advised to arrive at the golf no more than 30 minutes before your Tee-time.

Tee time intervals are every 10 minutes. The number of players authorized per Tee-time is 4 people.

Golfers must announce their presence on the site by checking-in at the ProShop 5 minutes before their Tee-Off.

Then players will have to head towards hole # 1, in order to avoid grouping of people, always in respect of the barrier gestures and the rules of social distancing.

Tee-times and the order of the rounds must be strictly observed.

  • On the course:

2 person per cart are accepted from the same household or Family & Friends Bubbles. Walking is encouraged.

Players must stay away from each other with a distance of 2 meters / 6 feet.

It is strictly forbidden to move or touch stakes marking the course or water obstacles.

It is prohibited to remove or touch the flags. The cups are elevated so that the ball does not fall into the hole. The game is over when the ball comes into contact with the cup.

Each player plays with their own equipment. It is forbidden to lend clubs.

The rakes will be removed from the bunkers. However you can erase your tracks in the bunkers using your feet or your clubs.

The ball washers and other accessories will be neutralized or removed.

  • After your round:

You go to the parking lot and your vehicle to leave the golf course, no gathering of people after your game is possible for the moment.

  • ProShop:

From the reopening date, access will be possible for members and visitors who have reserved a Tee-off only, maximum of 2 people inside the ProShop, respecting barrier gestures and social distancing. The purchase of golf accessories (balls, gloves, textile tees) will be possible.

It is asked to favor payment by credit / debit card.

  • Takeaway sales:

Food and beverages sales will be available. Purchase and withdrawal must be made upon check-in for your Tee-Off.

  • Practice range and putting green:

The practice range is open at the same hours as the golf, it will be accessible to all, visitors and members. It is advised to call a few minutes before your arrival to ensure its availability. All players must report their presence in this area.

The layout of the spots respects the 2 meters / 6 feet of distance necessary for the social distancing rules.

The buckets of balls will be taken and returned at the ProShop so that they can be disinfected by our employees.


The putting green remains open. A maximum of 4 people at a time is allowed, respecting the rules of physical distance.

  • Restaurant, bar and the Clubhouse deck:

If their opening becomes possible, we will work on a specific and sufficiently spaced installation, in compliance with the rules of social distancing and no gathering of groups of 50 people maximum. This will be to ensure comfort in complete safety for everyone.