This year again the event will be divided into 2 departure:

1st Tee off at 2:30pm (9 teams)              /              2nd Tee off at 5:30pm (9 teams)

The 1st Men's night will be held on Tuesday June 8th.

Mama B’s team is putting back is title in challenge!

To allow the organization of the event, please register before Friday June 4th 6pm, specifying your desired departure time by phone (506-544-7888) during ProShop opening hours or by email to

Departure times will be final for the season and cannot be changed weekly. Except in exceptional cases to be discussed with the management.


Each team:

-       May have a maximum of 5 players.

-       Will be identified by Team name (company or else). You are welcome to wear a uniform.

-       Will have identified a captain who will need to provide his email and phone details so that they can be contacted in the event of a cancellation or other needs.

-       Will have to start at the assigned hole at the specific start time.

-       Will be allocated of a maximum of 2 carts (20 minutes before departure), where only 2 bags can be placed.

We remind you that we are still in the yellow phase and that the COVID-19 rules and protocols must all be respected (masks, physical distancing ...). please read our COVID-19 protocols

- Confirmation of registrations, including the number and names of all players, must be done each week by telephone (506-544-7888) or directly at the ProShop no later than the day before, that is, Monday at 12 noon.


- We recommend that players arrive at least 20 minutes before the start time.


- Scorecards must be returned to the ProShop staff or in the box provided for this purpose, immediately after the last hole played. Scorecards returned the day after will not be accepted for counting. Each member must ensure that their first and last name are correctly and clearly recorded on the card to easily identify the golfer.

- Registration fees are $ 15 per evening, tax included (+ green fees and cart seat for non-members). These fees can be paid in advance at the beginning of the week for better fluidity on D-Day.

- 2 prizes will be awarded per group and per evening by a draw at dinner time with the 50/50 tickets purchased. These winning tickets will be placed back in the bucket for the evening's 50/50 draw.


- The 50/50 draw will be held the day after by one of our employees under the supervision of a member of management. The winning ticket will be displayed at the reception and the prize can be collected immediately.

- A check for $ 500 taken from the remaining half of the 50/50 accumulated throughout the season will be awarded to the team with the most points until the final Men's night. This team will choose a charity to donate.

Points allocation:

- 2 golfers or less: 4 points ;

- 3 golfers: 6 points ;

- 4 or 5 golfers: 8 points.

- The best scorecard (average of the players on the team) of each night will earn 1 bonus point.


There will be 3 contests per week:

- Inside the circle hole # 7: each player whose ball lands in the circle earns his team the number of points below. The information is to be recorded on your scorecard and on the marker stake on each circle.

            > Inner circle : 2 points

            > Outer circle : 1 point

- Closest to the hole # 4 and # 8 (in rotation every week). 2 points awarded to the closest team (of the 2 cumulative groups). A marker stake will be available on the putting green to identify the closest ball spot.

- Putting contest hole # 9 : a mark will be placed on hole # 9 from which each player of each team can try their chance once only to reach the hole. 1 point will be awarded to each player who succeeds in the putt, on behalf of his team. The information is to be recorded on your scorecard for each player. The player with the highest number of points in this contest at the end of the season will win the “Men's nights” putting contest.


The winning team of the 2021 season will be the one with the most points throughout the season. Men's night competition will finish on Tuesday September 14th.