This year, the event will be divided into 2 departures, 1st departure at 3 pm and 2nd departure at 5:30 pm.

To allow the organization of the event, please register before Friday June 19, specifying your desired departure time by email to

Given the places limited to 36 golfers on each tee time, registration confirmation will follow the first come, first served rule. Depending on availability, your team may need to be assigned one or the other tee time.

Departure times will be final for the season and cannot be changed weekly. Except in exceptional cases to be discussed with the management.


The team captain must provide his email and phone information so that he can be contacted in the event of cancellation or other needs.


We plan to start on Tuesday June 23.


Here are some rules to follow:

- All physical distance rules and other measures related to COVID-19 implemented at Squire Green must be respected.

- A team of 4 people maximum per hole.

- Each team must start at the hole to which it will be assigned at the precise start time.

- A total of 2 golf carts maximum per team will be possible.

- Confirmation of registrations and the number of players must be made by phone (544-7888) or directly at the ProShop the day before, Monday at 8 p.m. at the latest. The names of the players must be communicated at the ProShop or by phone at (544-7888) at the latest one hour before the start time.

- Players must arrive maximum 45 minutes prior departure time.

- Scorecards must be turned in to ProShop staff or in the box set for this purpose immediately after the last hole is played. Scorecards turned the day after will not be accepted. Each member must ensure that their first and last name are appropriately and clearly recorded on the scorecard to easily identify the golfer.

- Each team will be guaranteed 2 carts maximum.


The registration fee per evening and per person will be $ 12 (+ green fee for non-members).

In the actual context, some restaurants have reduced their opening hours and/or modified their service offer, which could have an impact on the service at 8 pm. Thus, in the event that the meal cannot be served, the registration fee will be reduced to $ 5 (administration fees). You will be notified in advance.


The meals will therefore be made in 2 services at 5:45 pm and at 8 pm.

The 50/50 draw will take place the next day by one of our employees under the supervision of the manager and one of the members of the board of directors. The winner will be announced the following week during the meal. Please keep your ticket from the previous week until the following week. If you are not present to claim the 50/50 prize, the winning number will be posted on our Facebook page and you will have 7 days to claim it.

The remaining half of the 50/50 accumulated over the course of the season will be awarded to the team with the most points until the men's final night. This team will choose a charity to donate.

Allocation of points:

- 4 points for 2 golfers present;

- 6 points for 3 golfers present;

- 8 points for 4 golfers present.


- The best score card (average of team players) of each Men’s Night will earn 1 bonus point.


There will be 2 contests per week worth 1 point each. If there is a tie, points will be awarded to each team. The contests will vary each week among:

- Best team average at hole number 5

- Inside the Circle # 7 (information to be entered on your time card)

- The player with the lowest score at hole # 4 (2 Bonus points if hole in 1)


The winning team will be the one with the most points throughout the season.